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About Us


Nestled in the heart of SoHo, GOSPËL, is a cutting edge collective space, restaurant, and lounge, centered around Friendship, Music & Arts.

GOSPËL blurs boundaries with an original concept, merging a combined restaurant, bar-nightclub, art space, and home for our creative community. The multi-floor design is reflective of our BABËL ethos, allowing for content creation, self-actualization, spiritual growth, and transformative music events. 


Our mantra is ‘light up the darkness,’ inspired by the legendary Bob Marley. When asked how he could perform two days after being shot, Marley responded: ‘The people who were trying to make this place worse are not taking the day off. Why should I? We say: ‘Light up the darkness.’ We are ready to share ‘The Light’ and return to a time when music was the strongest GOSPËL, a revolutionary force carried with a message of love. We're spreading the revolution with GOSPËL and the belief that music and all creative expression is the most powerful spiritual connection to unify and inspire.


GOSPËL is a home that we share with our friends, our family & their guests. In that spirit we ask you to be mindful of the energy you bring into our home. A home filled with freedom, individuality & expression. We come together as one conscious Tribe with the desire to inspire & brighten our beloved planet. 

We STRONGLY advise you dress for occasion & in the spirit of GOSPËL - make a conscious effort to contribute essence, luminosity & sparkle to the room as Guest List / Table Confirmation does NOT guarantee entry.

Be magical, be fabulous & spectacularly entertaining... Together let’s Light Up the Darkness!